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We do not usually wonder why Jesus loves us so much. Instead, we expect Jesus to love us more than we deserve. Likewise, we do not question how Jesus can love us immensely. We usually think that Jesus can love us that much because He is God. But today, let us pause for a while and, perhaps even just for now, ask: How can Jesus love us so much when we are not deserving of His Love?

Jesus Himself answers our question. “As the Father loves Me,” He says, “so do I love you.” Jesus loves us because the Father has loved Him first. Jesus can love us so much because the Father loves Him so much, too. Jesus loves us as His Father loves Him, and the measure of His love for us is the same measure of His Father’s love for Him. His Father’s love for Him is like an inexhaustible well from which Jesus draws out His love for us.

If someone approaches you and asks you why and how can Jesus loves us so much, read the Gospel today to him.

This is also precisely why love can be commanded. Pope Benedict XVI said that love can be commanded because it has first been given. Jesus can command us to love one another because He has loved us first. Jesus loves us so that we may love others. Let us remain in this love.

Reflection Question:

Jesus loves me so that I may love others, too. Love is not a mere invitation to me. Love is a command. The true measure of love is love without measure.

Thank You, Jesus, for loving me more than I deserve and more than I know. Help me to love others as much as You love me. Jesus, love others through me. Amen.

St. Benedicta, pray for us.

Thanks to Fr. Bobby Titco for this very inspiring messages.


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