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Being A Mother

Good evening everyone! I am sharing again another post especially to all Mothers out there. I believed giving birth to a child and be a mother is the greatest achievement a woman can have in her life. I am not yet a mother and I am still hoping to be one in the future. I […]

Wonderful Life, a Beautiful Sharing

“ I will lead them out from among the peoples and gather them from the foreign lands; I will bring them back to their own country.” – Ezekiel 34:13 The foggy mountains and the blue skies were so close to each other that I imagined seeing God amidst the blue horizon, smiling with His outstretched […]

Apple is Good

I always try to eat apples everyday. I have been doing this since a month now. I believed this will already be a part of my daily nourishment and I love it. I felt lighter when I eat this fruit. The fact that it has a lot of vitamins and minerals, it is also very […]

The Cathedral in Bamberg, Germany

The Bamberg Cathedral of St. Peter and St. George (Bamberger Dom St. Peter und St. Georg) is known to be one of the famous architectural monuments in Germany. It is also the most famous landmark of the city of Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany. Emperor Henry II is the founder of the cathedral in 1004. It has […]

The 5 Pros and Cons of Organic Food

The healthy lifestyles coming to everyone’s attention, purchasing organic food has become a regular habit for most diet-conscious individuals. Unfortunately, choosing organic does not always ensure optimum dietary requirements and quite often puts a significant punch in your final grocery bill. Below are the five common arguments both for and against purchasing organic fruits, vegetables […]

New Shopping Catalogues

We received new shopping catalogues again yesterday. These are most especially for winter season and Christmas. One catalogue contain house furnitures, appliances, bathroom accessories, home ideas and other more. The other one have items on special sales and offers. I would love to have new Egyptian cotton bath towels once our bathroom will be fixed […]

Inspiring Words

SO DOES HE LOVE US We do not usually wonder why Jesus loves us so much. Instead, we expect Jesus to love us more than we deserve. Likewise, we do not question how Jesus can love us immensely. We usually think that Jesus can love us that much because He is God. But today, let […]

Food Supplements

Food supplement is also known as dietary supplement or nutritional supplement. These are supplements which contain vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fiber or fatty acids. These are consumed to supplement the missing nutrients in a person’s diet. There are a lot of dietary supplements in the market right now. How about hgh supplements? Did you hear […]

Inspirational Reading- John 15:9-11

Today’s text reminds us to remain in the Father’s love. If we look at the Greek word used here for “remain,” namely menai, we will discover that the meaning is quite profound because it is really a call to “abide or live” in God. This indicates the depth of our dignity and identity as men […]

Apple For Dinner

Another Friday is here again. In short, it is another TGIF. I believed I will be having a busy weekend again. Some friends will be coming tomorrow. Thanks in advance to good friends for the help and accommodation. Back to the main topic. I can’t believed that I only ate two apples for dinner tonight. […]



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