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MYM- Festival in Germany

MYM is here again! I hope that you had a great month of August. I would say that this is my month because I had a lot of memorable experiences that happened during this month. I am so thankful for it. God is truly great! here is my MYM photo taken during the Tillyfest parade […]

TF- Centaurea cyanus or Cornflowers

How was your weekend? I hope that you had a great one! I am very much thankful that I had a very great weekend! We went yesterday to a friend’s birthday party and that was nice. The weather today was also perfect for walking. We spent around three hours walking this afternoon and that was […]

I’m Buying Travel Books Again

Good evening everyone! It’s past 6:00 pm now, Berlin time. I finally had the chance to go online. How’s your day anyway? I got a quite busy one but I’m doing alright. I’ll let you know about it in my Simply The Best Blog. For now, I just want to share a photo during our […]

TF and MYM- Any Idea what Flower is this?

It’s the first time I posted TF and MYM at the same entry in this blog. I noticed that every time we go walking in our place especially to the walking way , I always see different kinds of wild yellow flowers. I can’t resist taking pictures of these lovely creatures. Any idea of what’s […]

Another Great Weekend is Over

I am very thankful for the great weekend that we had. After visiting some places yesterday, I was again fully charged. We just stayed at home today for some things to be done. During the afternoon, we went walking for almost two hours. My dear husband was also complaining yesterday and today about his pain […]

WW: The Gößweinstein or Goessweinstein Basilica

We happened to pass-by Gößweinstein today during our trip tpo Bayreuth. It is a municipality in the district of Forchheim in Bavaria in Germany. The place is very interesting. It is just small town but a lot of tourists visit this place because of the Pilgrimage Church which is now considered to be a Basilica […]

TF- Don’t KNow The Name

Happy Monday! I am quite late in posting my TF entry in this site. Another sad thing I don’t know the name of this flower. Any idea from the flower and garden experts out there? Thanks in advance! Flowers are always beautiful! I am thankful that my migraine is gone now! Praise the Lord! have […]

The Parachute, An Inspirational Story

Good morning to everyone! It is almost noon time in our place. The first thing I opened and read this morning is this very inspirational story that was forwarded to my inbox by Mountainwings. I was touched by the story. Sometimes we are are unaware that there are some people who help us but we […]

Love Notes and Messages

Another weekend is almost here! I hope that you will be having a great one! I’m sharing again some inspirational words from my dear hubby. “Hi Schatz,Du bist der groesste und beste Schats fuer mich auf der Welt. Ich liebe dich.Dein MannMr. K” English Translation“Hi my Love,You are the greatest and the best darling for […]

Shopping Plan Was Cancelled

Good evening to all! How was your day today? I hope you had a good and enjoyable one. I should have a great day today but due to headache this afternoon, it was ruined. I am also very happy today due to some blessings that was given to me. I should also go for some […]



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