Manic Monday #163

I am almost late…but I would like to always say, “Better Late Than Never” are my answers on MM #163.

Do you recycle? Why or why not?
Actually we recycled a lot in our house. In Germany, everything about trash or garbage are all collected. In fact each trash is separated from each other. Bottles for example are separated in two huge trash cans in each small village. The clear bottles has its own trash and the colored ones are also separated. Plastics are also separated and are collected once in a month. Papers and cartoon boxes have each own big trash cans and are collected once in a month. Garbage like really dirty stuffs have each own garbage can and are collected every two weeks. We also have a compost pit near our home. if you happen to visit Germany, you can observe that most cities and villages are very clean because of this system of recycling. I would even say in all places and countries I have been in Europe, I can say that Germany is the cleanest so far. The water which we use after taking a bath in the bath tub are use to clean and flush our toilet bowls or during spring time we pour it to the plants and flowers in our garden. There are still a lot of things we recycle at home. It will take me time to write! Just a reminder, we must learn to take care of our Mother Nature before it is too late!

Would you rather be a pirate or a prince/princess?
Of course taking the position of a good Princess is the most beautiful of all…I guess being a pirate is not that good but can be very challenging and adventurous. I guess not all pirates are bad anyway..I rather choose to be a Princess..wink!

Are you into astrology? If yes, how does it affect your life?
Sometimes yes but not all the time. I sometimes read about my horoscope and sometimes it just coincide with what was actually happening to my life but sometimes I don’t take it seriously. It really doesn’t affect my life that much..just a little!

I hope that I am sharing good ideas especially the first question. Time to slowly bid goodbye!


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