Life is Too Rich to spend today in front of the computer

I got a message in my tag-board in one of my sites today saying “Rubz, check the u might find something in there…”..I thought it is a site that has a lot of things to read on, or photos to be seen or items for sale..things like that!!

I was also touched by what the authors say in below please;

Life is too rich to spend today in front of the computer, so we’re taking a rest. Come join us in the park on a walk, in the hospital visiting our friends, snuggling on the couch reading a story.”

Isn’t this true guys that we already spent most of our time in front of the computer and we don’t have the chance to already see the world around us? or maybe we don’t have the chance to already converse with our friends, or maybe just breath fresh air outside, or maybe see the beauty of the blue sky, or witness a child play in the park, or simply spend walking with our husband or family? ..

Oh yes, I was touched because I did the same. I had to admit that I spend most of my time everyday in front of my pc. I am sorry for myself about that. I realized it is not good for me. But sometimes it is better than doing other things as gossiping or whatever acts that are not pleasant to other people. I know I found my new world in internet wherein I can share and express my ideas, thoughts, opinions and my personal experiences and so many things about this world.

Anyway, the past days and months of 2009, I really did not spend the whole day anymore compared to last year. I just realized that I also have a real life to attend to or simply do household chores, or see friends, talk to my family back home or maybe simply go out. That is the reason why I did not did blog hopping anymore for the past months unless I see the footprints of any blogger friends in my tagboard or if they left some comments and then I reciprocated by visiting them back..I felt sorry about it guys!

But today, I had the chance to go walking with my husband we did really had fun!! It was a very wonderful afternoon seeing the nature again outside! I hope that the weather will get better in the coming of the spring time so that I can frequently go out again..or maybe see places..

Lastly, I want to thank everyone who always visit me here and leaving their footprints. I apologize if I can’t reciprocate your visit immediately. I truly appreciate everything especially to all blogger friends who had helped me a lot in this blogging world. Thanks a million!!

We should always remember, computer is not everything. There are still more realities in this world aside from internet or computer! Go out and see the world around us!! Cheers!!


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