Friends and Friendship Really Matter

Happy weekend to all! It is my first shout for tonight because Saturday weekend is finally here. Any plan to spend a good weekend? We still have no plan but maybe plan to go to Burglengenfeld again today. We were already there last weekend and bought some important stuffs. I will be talking about friends for now. I hope you have some good and loyal ones. I already have a lot of good friends around the world. Most are old friends, former classmates, my neighbors back home and I also met some good friends online. For more than thirty five years of living in this world I am happy to really have good true friends and only one betrayed me. At least, I learned some lessons after that. I would say it is not my loss anyway. I am still happy to meet new ones and always wanted to keep the old ones. I am not closing my door to friendship.

Last week, I felt happy for a friend whom I helped trying to buy some furniture and other stuffs. You know guys, true help is when you felt happy after helping someone without expecting in return. Friends and friendship are the same. When you help especially the people whom you considered your family or friends or your own family or even a stranger, you feel deep inside if your help really comes from the heart because you will feel a happiness that you can’t explain. It is a strange but nice feeling. I felt the same after I helped a friend ordered some tv stands. I know that it is only a simple act of help. As I saw her being happy of what she have now, I also felt happy deep inside.

If you value your friends and the true meaning of the word friendship, you need to know the real meaning of it. “For those who have true friends, you already have one of the greatest wealth in this world. Treasure it”. Friends and Friendship Really Matter in our Lives!!


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