The STrong Bond of FaiTh

I don’t how is this really called..but I would say a sharing or a sermon perhaps…The important thing is the lesson that it brings to us…keep reading!

The STrong Bond of faiTh

We have many times heard the saying that “blood is thicker than water.” These words of wisdom tell us that there is nothing that could rival natural family affinity in binding persons. It is to the family that we go back to so that we may find our life’s bearing amidst life’s ups and downs. Our family is always our haven, our refuge, our reference point.

Going through life, though, we learn that not all family members and close blood relatives are reliable allies. Many times we have also heard how siblings go against each other in scandalous court cases. Serious political differences and ambitions brought bloodbath to persons who are supposedly of the same ancestry and lineage. In contrast, we hear how non-related couples who just met in Marriage Encounter weekends refer to one another as “Tito,” “Tita,” “Brother” or “Sister.” We witness how Christians who meet in renewal groups, such as the charismatic movement, greet each other with sincere embraces of fraternal love and concern. Members of these Christian groups claim that their relationship with one another have made them even closer to each other compared to their not-so-casual relationships with their blood relations.

Indeed, our spiritual ties of faith in Jesus do not only make us come close to God in prayer. Necessarily, true faith builds up our friendships into deeper ties conditioned not by any financial or material considerations. Faith makes us more open to sincerely share our experiences, our trials and triumphs. Faith makes us more generous to give and receive, even beyond the guarantees of material resources. Faith makes it more possible for us to forgive and to ask forgiveness in the face of human frailties. Fr. Domie Guzman, SSP from Kyregma


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