Dream To Ride My Own Yacht

I am finally back here after enjoying the warm of our small fireplace downstairs. It is very cold now in Europe and sometimes warm coming from wooden fireplace sounds therapeutic especially to my back pain. We are also using electric heater inside the house which I find also good. Anyway, you might find my title weird. To tell you honestly guys, it might only be a dream but I have a lot of dreams that already came true. I dream before to drive my own car and I got it now. I dreamed to build a house back home and it finally came true. I dream to travel to different countries, slowly by slowly it is realizing until now. I dream to finish College and I am a Bachelors degree holder now. Thank God to all these blessings and other dreams that came true.

Now, a dream to own a yacht or a small boat is another dream. It is me and my father’s dream. I hope we can have it both. Besides if this dream will not come true at least I already rode a boat a lot of times. Another dream might be riding these so-called Miami yacht charters in Florida. Oh yes, this is one of the places I am planning to visit next time. Why not? I should be in Florida during my visit last year in the United States but due to some unavoidable circumstances, it did not materialized. There is always next time anyway. Or maybe having a cruise with Tropical boat charters. Hmmm.. I know this will come true one of these days. But I need to go home first and visit my family this year. I wish you a lovely evening guys. I have to slowly sign-off now. The night is long especially this winter time! Good night!


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  1. tony Says:

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