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Before I start with my topic, I would like to ask you first these questions. First and foremost, how do you define success? Do you measure success in terms of wealth or fame? Are you successful in your own way? If you have to ask me about this question and answer are; First, for me success is simply something or anything that we achieved whether it is a material or non-material thing. Second, I really don’t measure success in terms of money, fame or wealth. Third, I can say yes, I am successful in my own way. I am not really rich. I just live a simple but happy life. I have all the basic things what I need in life. I travel sometimes, help my family and friends , had finished my College degree, drive my car, etc. I simply enjoy my life at the moment even I don’t have those millions. I know a lot of people out there measure success in terms of h wealth and fame. But this person I just read in internet is very interesting. His name is Jim Piccolo.

I just don’t know exactly how he manage to maintain balance in his life. I believed he is successful not only in terms of material things but also in terms of non-material aspects of life. How can you imagine a person who manages more than a dozen of companies! His name is simply Jim Piccolo. I mean, I just admire him. He had just accomplished a lot of things in his life. His achievements are simply amazing. One of it is being the President and Chief Executive Officer of Nouveau Riche University. I read a lot of this famous University online.

The greatest thing for me about what Jim Piccolo had done is simply his project which is the creation of charitable institution especially in helping children’s charities. I believed that he simply have the right attitude that he is very successful in his life now!! Keep up the great job!! Cheers!!


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