Special Gifts for For Special People

try to find me here??photo taken at Hollywood in Disneyland California during my two months vacation in the US. we also visited Hollywood Universal Studio there. hope to share more photos next time.

The day is almost ending! I hope you had a great one today. I had an enjoyable one especially after doing my daily household chores. I even had fun when talking to a friend. That was a very funny conversation we had this afternoon. But I had to put it on end because I have to prepare for dinner before my husband comes after work. How about talking about Christmas? Are you ready for countdown! I would say I am partly ready. I still have to wrap some gifts for presents to my husband and friends. I wish to have some Beatles t-shirts for my husband but I’m not sure if it will come on time if I will order it now. I am overseas and I guess it is quite late now. At least I have an idea where to get it next time.

I also sent a huge Balikbayan box back home. I hope that it will come before Christmas. I already have my Christmas presents inside for my family back home. I need to gather some stuffs again for next year’s Christmas to send for another balikbayan box. Most presents that I put inside the box are clothing, some jewelries, a digital camera, perfumes, toiletries, chocolates and many assorted stuffs. I wish to give some Family Guy t-shirts with funny wordings on it. I guess it is cool!!

What about some Spiderman t-shirts as special gifts for special people during special occasions like birthdays. If somebody will give me a spiderman t’shirt as Christmas present. I would love to have it too. I am still a fan of Spiderman movies. In fact I bought some during my trip to Hollywood Universal Studio in California. Actually there are a lot you can find at Wear Your Beer! They don’t only sell t’shirts but also hats, steins and glasses, bags, clocks, keychains and many many more!! See it yourself!! For sure you will find great deals in their site!! Share that special presents for special people!! Happy holidays!!


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