Is Money Really Important?

My Monday is almost over. Again another busy day doing household chores and fixing and sewing some new pants. I am happy to accomplished a lot of things in the house today. I also cooked some food for dinner especially that it is my husband’s birthday. I also baked some cake which surprised my husband. No party since he have to work twelve hours today and the past days. He seems to be very tired after arriving from work. I wish him all the best in life, good health always, success and more blessings to come especially in the coming years.

Back to the main topic! Is money really important? Is it the most important thing in your life now? I just want to relate this topic to Abbey Clancy and his boyfriend before I give you my own opinion. I just read this at Fashionling. Thanks for sharing this interesting article. There seems to be another party involved in their relationship. I mean Abbey being jealous to Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace. If you might be watching UK Big Brother you might know this lady. Peter Crouch seems to be not a ladies man. But I guess being a famous football player, he got the fame and money, the reasons why these two women are after over him. Interesting story huh! Anyway, I enjoy watching the photo gallery of different celebrities at Fashionling. They have a lot of shopping and fashion guides and infos too!! Good site for women!!

Last but not the least..Does this world really revolves about money? Of course, I believed everyone needs money in order to survive in this material world. But I believed that this world is not all about money. I mean there are still a lot of things that are more than money in this world. Consider your family, your true friends, the nature around us, good health and some other non-material things that truly make us happy!! Cheers!


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