I’m Happy for My Sisters

I really miss my family back home. This is especially true because Christmas is almost coming. Christmas atmosphere in the Philippines is very different as here in Europe. I really can’t explain the exact difference because it is simply different. Quite complicated huh? I guess it is the family bonding that is quite different. Back home is simply more fun and has a lot of excitement. But no matter where, I still have to enjoy the coming Christmas. My topic this time is about my sisters. Would you believe that I came from a big family that is the reason why I simply miss home.

I have two sisters that studied Nursing. One is already in Las Vegas and work as a desk Nurse there. The other one just graduated and took the Nursing board exam this month. I helped them sent to school before. I could remember everytime they ask for financial help in paying their school tuition and in buying nursing books. It really cost a lot of money but now I am happy that they graduated in their Nursing studies. As you know studying Nursing is not an easy career. It is also expensive and need a lot of patience. Nursing books are also expensive but you can find cheap ones at Borders.

I just visited their sites and I was also interested in their fitness and diet books, travel books, language books and photography books. These are only one of the things that I simply love. I should order my travel books here. I got a lot of travel books that was left in England because my luggage were already overweight. I would love this site for sure!!


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