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It is the second day of December now! I guess a lot of people are already very excited when the the greatest celebration comes. Christmas is fast approaching. I want to wish all of you in advance a happy and joyous one. For today I want to share to you about home study. Last time, I heard from a couple that they want to have their child a study at home. I mean the parents themselves want to teach their child. I don’t exactly know what are the main reasons why especially the father want to do that. The mother disagree about home study because I just learned that she even did not finished high school. In fact I learned from other friend that she was only till the sixth grade and she told me before that she studied until third year high school. What a lie! I guess she needs some credibility before she can make a home study for their kid. As far as I can remember, the father said that he wants to have a home study for their child because what the teacher teaches in the school are all non-sense. Sorry but I disagree with this! If I am not mistaken the main reason is that , their child is not included in the school package when the father was assigned overseas to work. That due to financial matters , they can’t send their child to private school here abroad because it is very expensive. One other friend even told me that a year’s tuition in school will have a minimum of ten thousand dollars or more. What do you think guys, does a child need to have a home study during her/his formation period? If you have to ask me, I believed sending to school is a better way.

Nowadays home study especially for adults are no longer impossible. There are already online degrees that you can pursue your studies at home. Even my cousin in Las Vegas attended this kind of program. She even said that it is a great way to earn a college degree since you can be flexible like the time you want to learn in the day. This is especially good for people who are currently working like her.

If you are interested on a certain Online Degree, Earn College Degree has a lot for you to offer. They offer various Online Education and Degrees from Associate degree to Bachelors degree, Masters Degree, Doctoral Degree and a a lot more. Visit their site for more information! Good luck to your studies!!


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