A New You

Are you already contented of what you have? Do you love yourself and your body as well? Nowadays it is already very possible to have a new you. With the modern cosmetic technology that is being introduced from time to time, making a new you is already easy. During my vacation last time in England, I watched a TV program in TFC about a model who still want to be more beautiful. I had seen her in television and I see that she is really beautiful and sexy. What can you expect of a model anyway? But due to no contentment of her body especially her breast she had it enlarged. In short she had a breast augmentation.

Nowadays there are a lot of Cosmetic Surgeries available. Some of these include breast enlargement, liposuction, facial surgery, body reshaping and even a lot more. The ones that are so familiar with me is the breast enlargement and liposuction. It doesn’t mean that I already have those cosmetic surgeries Talking especially about breast enlargement, I know some friends who are interested about this. I even know some friends who had already performed this surgery. I am lucky and thankful that I am gifted with a nice breast. I am using 80C till 85C now and I believed it is enough for me. I am already contented and happy with myself and my body so I guess I really don’t need those stuffs. If ever you are interested to have one, it’s your decision.

These days you can also search in the internet about sites that offer cosmetic surgery. One of them is MYA which is based in UK. I just visited their site now. Their services don’t only include in making a new you but they also offer financing programs and packages which made them better than others. It’s up to you to decide. It is your choice anyway. Whatever things that make you happy, I would say “Go for it”. Have a great day!!


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  1. Fit Breast Says:

    Good day!!!

    Thanks for your sharing..
    Breast surgery via MYA is no doubt good & well known the cost is a matter of issue that we have to consider at times. Further, there are a lot of procedures to consider too right??

    If i were to choose i would prefer a non-surgical version..a natural breast enlargement. At least it is safer & cheaper& effective in the long run



    Fit Breast


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