We Need Better Bathroom

photo by: Euroangel
I truly miss home!! pix of our house taken in Nov. 2006…now it looks better with the nice garden there.

I had a conversation with my husband as we were about to go to sleep last night. He told me that we might not be rich but we have all the basic things we need in life. We have an old house but at least we don’t get cold during winter and we don’t get wet when it is raining. We still need to fix a lot of things inside the house. First in the lists for fixing is our bathroom on the second floor of the house, our living room and the other two rooms. My husband is slowly fixing everything inside the house when he got the chance especially during his off days or vacation time. He learned masonry and as carpenter too. It does not bother me if we live in an old house as long as we live happily and all the important things in life are provided. That’s the most important things I consider. He also told me that we might go to my home country later for good since we have a new house there located near the beach.

Let me go back with my main topic. Actually, I am looking for some ideas about bathroom suites. As what I have said that we need a better bathroom, I found some very nice and good articles, ideas and products at Better Bathrooms. As I was browsing more in this site, I found this 1690 Traditional Rope Double Ended Bath Suite Deal. It is a package set already with the bath tub, rope basin and rope WC pan. I also find their price very affordable and competitive especially that they are having a lot of items on sale now. This is exactly the perfect place for all your bathroom needs!! If you are looking for any kinds of bathroom products and furniture, I highly recommend this site!! They just simply have everything with regards to quality bathroom needs!! I know we can have a better bathroom next time!! How about you!!


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