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One of my great dreams in life is to have a happy and healthy family. My wish was granted for giving me a very kind, loving and understanding husband. Last Tuesday, we celebrated our five years wedding anniversary. Time really passes by so quickly. I did not notice that we are already living together for more than five years now. Our life is not really full of material things. We just have all the basic things we need in life. My husband is already contented when he can go to work and provide all our day to day needs, pay our monthly bills and enjoy life. I believed those are really the things that matter most. Our motto in life is “Live simply but happily”. I am just not so sure with other couples and families.

I am even sad when I heard some celebrities getting into divorce. See the life of the famous Pop singer Britney Spears. I guess most people around the world know her story battling for the custody of her kids during the divorce. Now the latest is about Madonna and Ritchie getting into divorce!! As you see these celebrities have all the wealth, fame and money but are they contented with their lives?

Divorce can be one of the tragic experience a person can have in his/her life. Things to consider like who will be left for the custody of the children are sometimes very difficult? Or You might only have child visitation if ever the children go to the other party, either to the wife or to the husband. Experience like this can also be very traumatic for the children. The are the number one who will really be affected. I hope that you can find a solution for family problems like this. If ever you need help and good advice, feel free to visit National Family Solutions. Visit their site for free consultation!! Always remember, there is still a chance to save your marriage and your family! Good luck!


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