Making Change

Ever since I was young, I always wanted to help my family especially my brothers and sisters. I studied very hard and worked hard in order to finished my studies. Thanks to the help and support of my parents who did their best in sending me to school to have a good life. After I graduated in College and worked for some years, I also helped my family and send my siblings to school. Thanks God that they also made it. I am happy with my life now. We might not have all the material things but at least we have all the basic things we need to survive in our day to day living. I know what I did are just very small things compared to what Mother Theresa did or Bilaal Rajan and other great men and women out there.

I am amazed after reading about Bilaal Rajan at Can you imagine that a 12 years old boy had made a positive difference to the world by helping children everywhere. I was really touched by his story changing the world with his love, passion, inspiration and most of all his action. That is unbelievable for that very young age who had already performed a miracle by helping other people. What a great act he made by setting himself as a very good example to young people. This world can be a very good place to live in if all young people are just the same as Bilaal Rajan. You can further read his book entitled Making Change at Let us help Bilaal Rajal in his journey of helping people especially the children. Please also feel free to buy his book or make donations to his site. His book Making Change can be an inspiration especially to children. Share your blessings and it will come back to you!! Always remember, “The Youth are The Hope of the Fatherland”.


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