What Success Means To Me

Success has a lot of meaning for each person. I would also say, there are kinds of success in life according to one’s experience about it!! Success can be a level of status, an achievement of a goal, a dream come true or simply means the opposite of failure. I can say, I am successful because some of my goals and dreams of seeing different countries and cities are slowly coming true. I can also say I am successful because through my hard work, diligence and help from my family I was able to finish in College. Having a great and loving husband can also mean success and happiness for me. Helping my family is also a big success for me especially sending my brothers and sisters to go to College. And yes, they are successful College graduates now!! What does success means for you???Or how do you define success in your own way??Any idea to share?? I can also say that through these successes I have in life, I am a sort of Nouveau Riche person..well not by means of achieving material wealth but other wealth like my successes and happiness in life.

Nowadays there is a special school called Nouveau Riche College where you can study Real Estate Investment. It is not only studying Real Estate Investment but the proper concepts and strategies are being taught here so students can be successful in this field of business study. The best thing with this school is that they will give you all the support so that the education you acquire here will be put into Action.

Why not be a part of Nouveau Riche College to slowly make your dream come true. Develop your talents and abilities now before its too late!! Lastly become a Nouveau Riche individuals and turn that ambition into action!! I wish you in advance all the success in life!!


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    You might find success a little easier if you didn’t go around comment spamming other peoples blogs.

  2. Euroangel Says:

    Hi Mr./Ms. Anonymous, thanks for the comment here…I believed it would be brave enough for you to show your name or site so I can visit you and might ask further explaination what really spam blogs mean???? As to my understanding spam blogs are not true blogs…I believed my blogs are true… .but anyway thanks for the comment here..hope to research and find more infos what really spam blogs are??…I have an email address here too any further information about spam blogs are greatly appreciated….thanks in advance..


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