Story of my Nephew

I believed, this story from my nephew is quite touching. My sister whom I chatted last time from Cebu told me about this. My nephew named Raven John stayed for some weeks in the province in Cebu where my parents live. One time he heard my Mother and Father having some arguments..The small child who is around 4 years old, heard the word “Deputa” which is a bad one, some sort of “S” or whatever bad one…..My nephew approached my Grandfather and told him…..”Lolo (Grandpa) , I heard you talking bad word, Isn’t deputa a bad word Lolo…Don’t say it again!! Mama said it’s not good to say bad words!!

Sometimes we just learn when a small kid talk..I guess it is always the parents who need to discipline their children especially in a very young age. In this time of childhood, children need to be taught already with what is good and proper. I am just thankful that my sister, the Mother of Raven John who is also a teacher did her best to give her children the proper discipline and attitude in their early age!!!
Sis Jing…keep up the great job as a Mother!!!…I know you can do it!!Just keep praying for the best!! ! I miss you all there in the Philippines…can’t wait to see you all next year!! I love you all!!God bless us all!!


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  1. twinks Says:

    Very inspirational jud sis. Bitaw as adults we have to be very careful of the words that comes out of our mouth when the kids are around. Mao jud na pirmi akong gina ingon pud diri sa balay. Makatuon man gud ang mga bata ila gayahon and they would think na okay ra na.

  2. Euroangel Says:

    correct ka jud diha sis!!! happy to see you here…ingatz kanunay….luv yah!!!


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