Moments of Truth

Let me just ask you with a few questions before I start. I might be writing here taglish for please bear with me..How would you feel if one of your friend betrayed you?? How would you react if your friend divulge a secret which you had entrusted him/her?? What are you going to do after knowing that the secret he/she divulge to other persons are not really the truth but all lies?? Does he/she just want you to be bad in the eyes of other persons to make himself/herself be the good one?? or he/she is only insecure for some reasons??…

How I just wish, I am a saint or martyr who have always the patience, forgiveness and understanding all the time. But I’m not..I’m just an ordinary person who have a simple life,can lost my patience and understanding too….. and just want to have especially my honor and dignity being preserved and protected…Yes I have to admit, I don’t have the wealth and fame in this world, but as far as I know myself, honor and dignity are all what I have. And I am proud of it.

I just don’t understand why there are just some people out there who cannot close and hold their tongue and talk bad about other people. And yes, it happened to me.The person whom I considered to be my family and close friend had betrayed me. I trusted her a secret but she divulged it to other persons she just met for I guess some weeks or even a month only. Probably I could accept when she divulge the true story of my secret but she didn’t. She twisted the story, add some details and minus some too..That was a total false and lie story about me…

I knew her for quite some years already. I always tried to understand her, listen to her problems, even helping her with financial matters sometimes and helping her in other ways too… Well, it doesn’t mean that I am trying to count what I had done to her but I just don’t understand that with all the help, understanding and true friendship I gave her, she had betrayed me….Why?????

Is it because that something bad happened to her that day, she will also gossip other people. And yes, according to the person whom she divulged my secret, she also gossiped about other friends regarding their personal experiences that really don’t need to be told to.

Days gone by..weeks gone by, I tried to realize, at least I learned from my experience…I learned some lessons!!… I learned that I should never trust somebody unless I already know that person for a long long time!! I tried to forget and even forgive!! I even prayed for her sometimes that I hope she will also learn from what had happened to us. I just keep on hoping that she will learn to hold her tongue especially for matters that are not really good to say… I never lost a friend anyway because I believed it is her lost… and now I guess she lost already lot of friends.

How I just wish I can still advise her..But I already did it before many many times but she never listen…or she just doesn’t want to accept the truth…It is not only me who advised her even the other friend whom she also lost last January..I even warned her last January of this year telling her that “””If that is how you are going to handle friendship, you will surely lose your friends in the future”””…slowly by slowly it is happening!! if she just listen to me and keep it in her mind she might kept her friends..

Now I am trying to forgive and forget just for the sake of our “pinagsamahan” or friendship before. I even want to thank her for all the favors she had done for me..But I guess me and my husband had also done a lot for them..we never expect for a return anyway…help is help for the sake of friendship especially if you considered them as part of the family!!! but she destroyed it….she ruined everything!!

It is over now!!! I was hurt and wounded but at least I learned some lessons..I even want to thank her for the lessons she brought!!! The next time I will be careful already of whom and to whom I will make friends….I also hope that next time she will just be careful of her attitude about what really friendship is…..and I hope she will learn to understand what really friends are, not only to have friends so she can use them or take advantage of!! Honestly speaking, this is the first time in my whole life that I met such kind of person like her. least I knew who she is already and how she handled friendship!!! It is not my lost anyway but hers!!

Lastly I just want to share these nice quotes…i hope that you also get some insights about it!!!

“People who are for you today,
maybe against you tomorrow.
Those who please you now,
may displease you later on.
Do not be so foolish as to rely too much
on these changeful creatures.”

adapted: anonymous

“Choose your friends carefully
you never know who is on your side,

and remember the truth shall prevail. ”

Please visit my other sites in a few days…I will be sharing more personal updates there!!!
Thanks to all friends I met who had become my true friends..
I know I have some good and true friends out there…
even they are far away from me but at least we still keep our friendships!!!
I really miss my friends back in the Philippines
and some few ones here in Germany but they are also some distance away!!!
hope to see you soon!!
may the Good Lord will Keep Our true friendship till the end!!


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