I Wanna Be Rich!!

This sounds like a song!!…I wanna be Rich!! If I’m not mistaken this song is from Madonna!! Just a moment I’m mistaken..That song is from Calloway but also sang by Madonna, I guess. I love this song and even listening to this music right now while I am writing this post…Is there a way that I can be Rich or even have a story of Nouveau Riche???. Yes, I also wanna be rich but full of love, peace and happiness as the lyric of the song goes. I admit I’m not rich but I have another kind of richness that can’t be bought by money like my family, honor and dignity!! but If I am given the chance to become rich, I will accept the blessings to help other people too!!!

Let me explain first a bit about Nouveau Riche according to my own understanding. It is a French word which refers to people or individuals who came from poverty and was alleviated to the highest grandeur of wealth and fame in the world!! And yes, there are lots of them.

At CNN Money, I read people who have success stories of being Nouveau Riche individuals. They became rich due to their skills, talents and abilities. I also found this site very interesting!! Sometimes you are inspired by the success stories of these people who really became rich. Their skills like entrepreneurship and talents like singing, acting and a lot more had made these individuals promising and very successful especially in terms of wealth. Imagine they did not only became millionaires but billionaires as well.

If you want to know more of these rich and famous individuals, please take a look at CNN Money for more inspiring stories!! Have a great day everyone!!


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