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Blog stats update!!

I am quite sad again, seeing today that my PR4 in this blog went down to PR3. I don’t understand it sometimes how really Big G is computing/doing its Algorithm on Page ranking..But life must still go on..I would say still keep on blogging till the end!! It’s a part of my life now!! well […]

Wordless Wednesday: Old Photo with Friends!!

This photo was taken in September 2003 in Amberg swimming pool. Just see the happiness of our friendship in this photo!!! I promise you nobody can destroy our friendship!!! Liway is one of a kind I met here in Germany and she had been a true friend to me. Thanks for the friendship Way!! I […]

College days are Hectic Days!!

Going into College is not easy. It requires lots of diligence and patience. In my time before in my home country, before you can go to College you need to take first the National College Entrance Examination or the so-called NCEE. But, I guess this time it is already abolished. The new generation in the […]

Learning Some Online Games

Some people are just too busy and can’t go anywhere to relax and have some fun. After the work, there is no more time to enjoy. For some people it might be different. Even after work, they still want to entertain themselves even if they just stay at home. With the power of technology we […]

Decide for your Career Success

I could still remember the time as I graduated high school. I was in confusion what course or degree to take in College. Having an NCEE (National College Entrance Examination) Rating of 97%, I know I can take any course I want. Most of my high school classmates decided to go to Nursing, Engineering and […]

Wordless Wednesday

The very nice historical church in Berching. I am really amazed by the beautiful paintings esp. in the altar. We went there last April 20, 2008. Berching is also an interesting town to explore here in Germany.Have a great and blessed Wednesday!!

Share your Blessings thru Bisdak Planet Foundation

“The children are the future of our Fatherland”, as the saying goes which I believed is true. I am asking those friends, readers and even visitors to help the children in our own small ways. A dollar that you will donate will bring a thousand smiles into the face of those children. Let us give […]

Need Some Fast Cash Loans

Sometimes people are just in a situation wherein there is just nowhere or even no one to go. This is especially with regards to financial difficulties and payday is still not coming. There might have be some friends to ask for help but you are just so shy to run to them especially with regards […]

Quote for today

Time===== Time, whose tooth gnaws away at everything else,is powerless against truth. ~Thomas Huxley~ flowers in my garden..they grown up so fast!! They have only some leaves before I left to the U.S…now there are so colourful and very beautiful!! Have a great day to all..I hope to do some blog hopping today..Please understand my […]

Are You in Bad Need for Cash Advance!!

With all the economic crisis that is happening around the world, sometimes it is just so difficult to budget your salary. Goods and Commodities, Gas prices and almost everything we need for our daily lives seems to be getting all expensive. There are even times that we already run out of cash and payday is […]



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