Oh, This Life

“And I told them to live the way I had commanded them, so that things would go well for them.” – Jeremiah 7:23
“Mommy, we have no more coffee, no sugar, not even rice for cooking!” complained my daughter. No more supplies? Well, that’s not the only thing we run out of. There were times when our pantry was stocked but our LPG tank was empty, or we had no water to boil for drinking. Once, I came home to total darkness because we failed to pay our electric bill. We had to contend with buzzing mosquitoes, the heat of the day and our nostrils blackened by soot because of the kerosene lamps we used at night until the bill was paid.
The truth is, had I been in my past life — before I was incarcerated at the Correctional Institution for Women — things would have been different. Then, I never lacked for what I needed. But after having served my sentence of over two decades and now that I’m back in free society, I have to deal with making ends meet and providing for my family. I palpitate just thinking about how I will cover for all our needs.
But Jesus is compassionate and merciful. He blessed me with a good job despite the fact that I’m an ex-con. And I hold on to His promise that as I heed His commands, my life will be all right and I’ll never go wayward. Beth Coral

How good it is to be with the Lord! Despite trials and adversities, hold on to Jesus and you’ll never go wrong.

Dear Jesus, always guide me and be my light so that I will never stray.


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