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I am on my fourth marriage, and I'm only 38.

You can only imagine the looks that I get from certain people when I
tell them that. I am a very open person. I have nothing to hide, and actually to
be open that way makes me feel like a better person. I always dreamed about
getting married, having kids, and living happily ever after.

It seems like I was always in a relationship. I never really dated. I
got married to a wonderful man (so I thought) a month after my twenty-first
birthday. I loved him with my whole heart and took my marriage vows

He treated me like a queen until we got married. This happened with my

other marriages too (except for this marriage). I went through mental abuse,
physical abuse, emotional abuse. You name it, I was going through it.

My past three marriages when added together don't even total ten years.
I always prayed to God and asked him to send my way the kind of man I
wanted. For a long time I was wondering what was wrong with me. Why can't I
keep a man? I guess I was my own worst critic for some time.

Well, after many failed marriages I tried dating. It started off on the
same note as usual, but then I met an interesting man. He too already had
kids. All three were teens, and I now have a six-year-old girl from my last
marriage. I started dating him, then called it off because he scared me.

We were out slow dancing one night and he told me "one day you will be
mine." Well, that was a control issue and I wasn't going back into that. I am
married to that guy now.

Thankfully things worked out and God kept him for me. I guess my husband was right that night. We got married last May and God answered my prayer. I couldn't ask for a better man. He respects me, treats me like a queen, would never raise his hand to me, and always lifts me up when I can be so negative about myself. He tells me every day that he is the luckiest man around to be married to such a loving and beautiful wife. So now I know every day that I am special too and always will be in his eyes.

~A MountainWings Original by Jody Young, Holland, MI~


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