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Pink Bicycle

She rode a pink bicycle. I didn't know her but she looked as
if she was in her eighties. Her hair was white with only faint
traces of the blond of yesteryear. She wasn't slender, but she
moved with grace, ease, and rhythm.

She rode in the opposite direction that I ran. I always make
it a point to run in a clockwise direction although most on a
track will move counterclockwise. (Why do I do that? That's
another MountainWings issue that I will write dealing with
moving in accordance with nature instead of what's popular.)

At any rate, we moved in opposite directions. I ran for 50
minutes around the block where my in-laws lived in Clearwater
. My family was visiting them, and I always try to get
my exercise in no matter what or where. So we circled each

Her pink bicycle with pink pedals constantly moved and she
circled time and time again.

I stood in my in-law's driveway after finishing my pushups.
She pedaled past and asked, "Had enough?"

"I sure have," I answered, breathing hard after the pushups.

"I never get enough although I do get tired," she replied.

I realized that you see things differently as you age. Most at
her age would not have been able to pedal a bicycle for an
hour, pink or any other color. Each lap to her was a blessing
and she recognized it. My guess is that she pedaled that
circle each day until she got too tired to pedal further. She
was tired, but she didn't have enough.

Her attitude was just as refreshing and different as her
bicycle. Perhaps you need a pink bicycle too.


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